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Sustainable production and high quality: Foundation for a prosperous future

Sustainable economic management is a key factor in maintaining a competitive edge. For us, sustainability is the foundation for a prosperous future at HANSA GROUP. It concerns social and environmental issues, but also business aspects: A philosophy of sustainability is part of our corporate culture and employee policy. Short-term profit is not the goal of HANSA GROUP or its subsidiaries. Instead, the core of our strategy is to create long-term value for shareholders, employees and customers.

A responsible and considerate attitude towards nature and existing resources contributes greatly to public perception of corporations, especially those in the chemicals industry. We are aware that economic success is only possible when accompanied by environmental preservation and social responsibility. All of HANSA GROUP’s activities have an ecological, economic and social dimension that extends to all stages of the value chain. We protect the environment by steadily working to improve our production processes, train our employees in these matters and subject all of our products to scrutiny through a constant monitoring process. We communicate in an open and unbiased way with our employees and customers, as well as the public at large, in all environmental matters. We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism at all times.

Sustainable production and high product quality go hand in hand at HANSA GROUP. All of our subsidiaries have committed themselves to upholding the highest quality standards. We guarantee outstanding quality for our products thanks to the efforts of our dedicated and highly qualified employees. Their skill in manufacturing complex chemical products is second to none, as the entire industry can confirm. We also accept responsibility for the safety of our products throughout the entire value chain: from feed material suppliers, during all production steps, and finally to use by customers. We do not abandon responsibility for our products after they have been sold.

Responsible Care

HANSA GROUP actively supports the “Responsible Care” initiative by the German chemicals sector, a program that has been joined by around 70 companies in the industry. Though the existing statutory requirements concerning safety, health and environmental protection are already strict, we see them as a minimum goal which we want to surpass.