Unity is strength: The HANSA Group and its Subsidiaries

Chemische Fabrik Wibarco GmbH

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Chemische Fabrik Wibarco GmbH

„Chemistry in the landscape“ – according to this guiding principle Chemische Fabrik WIBARCO GmbH, as the only German manufacturer, produces linear alkylbenzene. LAB is the base for the raw material LAS which is the most important washing-active raw material for synthetic detergents, thanks to its excellent environmental compatibility. Furthermore the product range includes 30% hydrochloric acid so as heavy alkylbenzenes used in various applications.

With the integration of the Wibarco GmbH as wholly-owned subsidiary HANSA GROUP AG plans to strengthen and to extend its position as one of the leading surfactants manufacturer in Germany.

The unification of HANSA GROUP AG and WIBARCO makes allowance for the strategy of consistent development of the supply chain. Furthermore there is a better possibility to extend the product line-up clearly and so in particular as manufacturer to fulfill the desires and expectations of the customers.

Chemische Fabrik Wibarco GmbH, Ibbenbüren