Chemicals: A strong foundation

In the Chemicals segment, we manufacture surfactant feed materials, intermediate products and surfactants. Primary and intermediate products of surfactants, such as linear alkyl benzene (LAB), come from our WIBARCO subsidiary in Ibbenbüren. Biodegradable ingredients provide us with the detergent substances used to produce our detergents, cleaning agents and body care products in the Consumer Products segment.

Primary and intermediate products for surfactant production left over from our own production are sold to customers in the chemicals industry. Our WIBARCO subsidiary has a prominent market position, as it is the only producer of linear alkyl benzene in Central Europe. The production process in Ibbenbüren is unique worldwide and offers significant cost advantages.

Linear alkyl benzene creates byproducts, heavy alkylates and hydrochloric acid. These are not part of our core business and are sold to customers. Heavy alkylates are used for making lubricating oils and lubricant oil additives. Hydrochloric acid is both a basic and auxiliary ingredient in different sectors of the chemical industry.

Our WASCHMITTELWERK GENTHIN subsidiary is an important hub where, apart from surfactants as basic materials, we produce liquid detergents, dishwashing products, cleaning agents and fabric conditioners for brand-name manufacturers and trading organizations. WASCHMITTELWERK GENTHIN contributes to both segments and is already harnessing the existing synergies between these segments. The Genthin surfactant plant was put into operation in February 2012 and has increased chemical production capacity enormously. The new surfactant plant has added a capacity of 100,000 tons per year to the 30,000 tons we had previously produced, making it a major source of growth for our business. Some 40 percent of our manufacturing output at the plant is used for producing our own HANSA Group Care Chemicals. Our production in Genthin and Düren:

  • Linear alkyl benzene sulfonates (LAS) for cleaning agents
  • Fatty alcohol sulfates (FAS) for dishwashing liquids, and for mild, woolen and all-in-one detergents
  • Fatty alcohol ether sulfates (FAES) for mild detergents, soaps, shower creams and dishwashing liquidsl
  • Alkyl benzene sulfonates (ABS) for the production of detergents and domestic cleaning products
  • Olefin sulfonates (AOS) for special and industrial cleaning agents

We also produce surfactant granulates using the fluidized-bed process for the detergents and cleaning agents industry.

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