Consumer products segment: High-quality goods in liquid form

In the Consumer Products segment, our focus is on producing liquid detergents, cleaning agents and body care products. Our LUHNS subsidiary mainly makes products for international business groups, which distribute them under their own private labels.

Another service in this segment is third-party contract production in Genthin. Our cutting-edge systems and production methods help us create a wide variety of different product types, custom-made according to specific customer requirements. Constant monitoring helps ensure that our production processes are sound in microbiological terms and of the highest quality.

The product range of our LUHNS subsidiary focuses on private labels, mainly offering customers all-in-one solutions for the production of detergents, household cleansers and body care products. Liquid detergents, fabric softeners and fabric conditioners come from our manufacturing sites in Greven and Genthin, rounding off the HANSA subsidiaries’ product lines along with a wide range of common cleaning agents, including special household cleansers.

Shower and bath products are also on offer along with premium shampoos and aftercare products for hair and body care. LUHNS’ product range consists of around 800 products. Their yearly output of over 200 million units makes them one of the leading European manufacturers and bottlers of detergents and cleaning agents.

In Greven, we mainly prepare liquid all-in-one detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing soap and a variety of cleaners, mixed in several systems whose volume totals 16 tons. We have 40 tanks available for storing products prior to bottling, after which bottles are sealed, labeled and boxed. There are also several bottling lines for adding dyes and scents. Every step in the production chain is subject to permanent quality assurance, starting with checking the chemical feed materials, end products and packaging. Standardized processes and cutting-edge production systems let customers rest easy when it comes to high quality and on-time delivery.